Saturn Serving Boards

Inspired by our obsession of objects in motion, this beautiful set of walnut serving boards fits together as a kinetic sculpture for modern, minimal countertops. Just a touch and this celestial set rolls side-to-side in a meditative motion. 

The Saturn Serving Boards are great serving trays when separated. The slot in one board perfectly aligns crackers or bread neatly in a row and both boards display their offerings in the round.

They can lie flat for storage or be assembled for full-motion display. Hand-made from North Amercian hardwoods and finished with Mahoney's Walnut Oil and Odies Wood Butter.  

Hand-made in California

Product Details:

Board Dimensions:
Length-8 inches
Width- 6 inches
Height- 5/8 inches

Walnut finished with Mahoney's Walnut Oil and Odie's Wood Butter
Cherry finished with Mahoney's Walnut Oil and Odie's Wood Butter
Hard Maple finished with Odie's Wood Butter

Shipping Info:
Standard Shipping

Item ships in 3-5 business days. 

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