We believe the objects we surround ourselves with help us experience gratitude. When we find something we like, we revel in it's use, form and material. The original things in our home that are simple, natural and thoughtfully crafted to provide function as an experience help us experience this most. These ideals help guide our process for creating and curating Multiply

Our process begins by focusing on how an object is experienced, first visually, then with contact and then over time. When it falls short, we see an occasion to refine and improve, leading to designs where material, form, and function are integrated with purpose.

We iterate on the utility of that object, putting ideas through hundreds of filters until it is fulfilling. Sometimes we focus on the origins of an object's existence, sometimes we mix it with dissimilar ideas but we always consider why it will be created, and how it will be used and cared for. We build upon and refine the ideas that add the greatest utility and bring us the greatest satisfaction.

The final ideas are executed using premium, locally-sourced, non-toxic and renewable materials. They are hand-made with exceptional care and attention to detail to ensure that they will improve with age.

The results are what Multiply stands for- modern heirlooms that are responsibly hand-made in California. 


Mark Britton

Multiply est.2016 

Made in California


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