Materials and Care

Our modern home accessories will care for you as you care for them. Here's the best way to keep them looking their best for many years to come:


Butcher blocks, cutting boards and serving boards should be cleaned and wiped dry after every use. As drying is noticed re-coat Hard Maple with General Finishes Butcher Block Oil and Walnut with Mahoney's Walnut Oil and finish both with Odie's Wood butter.  As with all wood cutting boards this is generally every 3-6 months. 

Wooden Coasters should be cleaned and wiped dry after every use. If drying is noticed re-condition with Odie's Wood butter.

Diamond Wine Trivets should be kept clean and dry and generally will not need reconditioning for years even with heavy use.

All Multiply products use US sourced American walnut,  white oak or hard maple. All finished in Mahoney's Walnut Oil, General Finishes Food Safe Butcher Block Oil, or Odie's Wood Butter, or brass lacquer.

American Walnut, Hard maple and White Oak all sourced in the US.

Quarter Sawn- Cut of lumber that has the growth ring oriented between 60 - 90 degrees relative to the face of the board to utilize the strength in the grain of the wood, giving greater stability of form and size, less cupping and shrinkage across the width.

Rift Sawn- Cut of the log radially so that the growth ring orientation is between 30 - 60 degrees to the face of the board. This cut best utilizes the strength in the grain of the wood.

All Multiply home accessories are designed and made in California. We believe part of being responsible involves being transparent and supporting and promoting our suppliers acting responsibly. These are the US-made products that make our home goods look amazing:

Mahoney's Food-Safe Walnut-Oil- a drying oil that is water resistant. Heat treated and filtered to remove the protein that would cause nut allergies. Made in California.

General Finishes Food-Safe Butcher Block Oil- a food-grade mineral oil. Made in Wisconsin.

Odie's Wood Butter- a proprietary mix of oil's and wax's that is a food-safe, solvent free, non-toxic wood finish and stabilizer. Made in Florida.

Titebond III Wood Glue- 
Waterproof, non-toxic, FDA approved for contact with food. Made in Ohio.


Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue- a wood glue that dries harder then wood to a waterproof, food-safe, non-toxic finish. Made in Ohio.


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